The Swimathon Foundation FAQ

What is The Swimathon Foundation?

The Swimathon Foundation is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. It is the ultimate owner and custodian of the annual Swimathon, Open Water Swimathon and School Swimathon events. Through the staging of these events, the Foundation encourages and allows members of the public - in their tens of thousands each year - to take part in swimming and to raise funds for charity.

The main annual Swimathon is now the world's largest pool based fund-raising swim, bringing together swimmers of all ages and abilities and spreading the joys and benefits of swimming whilst raising vital funds for some of the UK's most deserving charities.

All this is supported by the Swimathon Foundation's own Community Grants Scheme, operated in conjunction with Swim England, through which the Swimathon Foundation awards grants to local organisations whose projects help to promote swimming in local communities.

Who runs The Swimathon Foundation?

The Swimathon Foundation is run by Trustees with a passion for sport and with backgrounds in community initiatives and recreation programmes.  The trustees are Chairman: Anthony Kendall OBE, Donna Notaro, Deana Radice, Ralph Riley, Grant Pearce and Philip Stinson.

How is The Swimathon Foundation funded?

The majority of the funds raised by Swimathon participants (at least 70%) goes to the chosen principle charity beneficiaries. The remaining percentage is used by The Swimathon Foundation to fund its own operating and administrative costs as well as to fund its community grants scheme.

How do charities become a principle beneficiary charity of Swimathon?

The selection process is by invitation only and the choice of charity is the decision of the Trustees. The current charity beneficiary agreements are contracted until the 2021 event.

What is The Swimathon Foundation’s charity number?

The Swimathon Foundation is a charity registered at the Charities Commission, no.1123870.

What is the Swimathon Community Grants Scheme?

Applications are invited for innovative and sustainable projects which will help more people participate in and enjoy swimming and to make swimming more accessible.

Applicants must demonstrate how the funding will allow them to:

  • Introduce people to swimming who would otherwise not swim
  • Increase the frequency that existing swimmers go to the pool
  • Improve the swimming experience for new or existing swimmers

The essentials to apply for a Swimathon Foundation Community grant are below:

  • Have an innovative project idea so that it targets a group of swimmers that are not already regularly participating.
  • Be able to have your project take place at a Swimathon pool and have sign off from the Pool Manager or their delegated main contact for this project to take place.
  • Have a plan to make sure that your project is sustainable
  • Have an end date for your project no later than 12 months following receipt of your first funding payment
  • Applicants must be over 18 years of age and a resident in the United Kingdom
  • You cannot have received a Swimathon Community Grant in the past twelve months.
  • If you don’t find an answer in these FAQs, then please contact us on and we will aim to provide you with an answer within three working days.

What are the Swimathon Community Grants Scheme grant application dates?

Applications for 2019 will open on Monday, February 11 2019 and close on Monday, April 1 2019.

What are the criteria for the Swimathon Community Grants Scheme

You can find the criteria here.

What are some examples of groups that Swimathon Foundation Community Grants will support?

Examples of groups that Swimathon Foundation Community Grants will support are (but not limited to):

  • Community groups
  • Swimming clubs
  • Senior groups
  • Youth groups
  • Sports clubs
  • Disability charities
  • Healthy living groups

How do I make an application for a Swimathon Community Grant?

Applications for Swimathon Community Grants will open on February 11, 2019. You can apply via the Swimathon Foundation website here.

How will I know I have been successful or unsuccessful?

Applicants will be notified within four weeks of the Swimathon Foundation Community Grants panel date which will be held shortly after the application period closes on April 1.

Please note that no correspondence will be entered into regarding the success or failure of an application.